Monday, August 07, 2006


I have thought long and hard about starting this blog and heck with it.

I once held delusions of grandeur of having my old blog become famous. Not "ohh- look- at- this blogger- who- seems- funny" famous, but more like "holy- cow -this- person- almost -got- fired, got- featured- on -[insert random media site] famous".

Yeah well. I am not Jeremy Blachman.

I am not Melissa Lafsky, aka "Opinionistas".

I am not Stephanie Klein, nor Mimi the Stripper (

I am not that former Asst US Attorney who authored "Underneath Your Robes" (although that was a good blog before he came out)

I am just an ordinary NYC insurance defense lawyer trying to make ends meet.

This will be my private space to just vent about anything.

And right now the biggest thing I feel like venting about is how crappy it is to analyze a bunch of medical records when the only injury in this case is a silly right ankle fracture.


Gotta love law.


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