Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The Reality That Is Law

There is a poster on JdJive that goes by the handle of "law is 4 losers".

The first time I read entries by him (or her?), and also by another poster called "Anonymous Litigator" (who now goes by some other name I believe), I thought I was reading my own messages.

I had to a double take.

I mean, really. These people (or maybe its 1 person?) really HIT THE NAIL ON THE HEAD as to why this profession s-u-c-k-s. Not only that, reading about firms I worked for, interviewed with, and actually know all about??

Thats like going onto the Greedy Associates boards, reading about Fried Frank and knowing I can talk about my firm because I know something about it!!

Well, I think this is what propelled me to start this blog.

Its not just about me..(although I do find myself to be quite fascinating and can entertain myself for hours on end), but about my crappy job and my views on this profession.

It is about SHARING THE KNOWLEDGE about law firms that are below the radar. The firms that arent the Skaddens or the world. Firms that sit under the radar because they are just too small and insignifcant to even mention a listing on Martindale Hubbell!!

Heres a little interesting tidbit:

You think you know what lawyers do in court?

Here is a hint. At a preliminary conference on a PI case, the majority of lawyers will spend their time sitting in court reading a BOOK or MAGAZINE. Then both sides will arbitrarily pick dates for discovery and then wait almost 30 min to 2 hrs for a judge to simply sign it.

Then you go back to your office.

Thats it!!

Nothing HARD about that right??

Well guess what, law really isn't hard at all..

or maybe its just that I am too smart to be doing dummy ID work..



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